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Serving Meriden CT, Cheshire CT, Southington CT, Wallingford CT, Hamden CT, North Haven CT, Middletown CT, Middlefield CT, Durham CT, parts of Middelsex County, Hartford County, and all of New Haven County.

  • Raccoons

  • Skunks 

  • Opossums

  • Squirrels

  • Chipmunks

  • Snakes 

  • Mice

  • Bats

  • Moles

  • Woodchucks

  • Groundhogs 

  • Gophers

  • Beaver

  • Muskrat

  • Deer

  • Coyote 

  • Pigeon

  • & More!

Nuisance Wildlife Control Services including but not limited to:

Welcome to D&D Wildlife Control

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skunk removal.png
squirrel removal.png
woodchuck removal.png

Raccoon removal should only be done by a licensed professional. They can be dangerous and will cause serious harm without any warning. Leave it to D&D Wildlife. Interaction with a Raccoon is not something you want to attempt.

If you suspect you may have one or more skunks lurking around your home or commercial building and you're located in the central Connecticut area, contact D&D Wildlife Control today for humane removal solutions.

Squirrels can and will cause havoc and destruction around your property. If you are experiencing a squirrel or flying squirrel situation, contact D&D Wildlife Control today. We will humanly and effectively remove your nuisance squirrel issues.

 If you have woodchucks eating crops, digging or causing problems around your surrounding property, contact D&D Wildlife Control for humane groundhog removal services.

bat removal.png

If you think you might have bats in your attic or home, leave it to the professionals at D&D Wildlife Control.  

snake removal.png

D&D Wildlife Control provides humane snake trapping and nuisance snake removal services. If you have a snake concern contact us immediately and keep a safe distance but try to keep an eye on the snake or the area the snake is located until we arrive.

opossum removal.png

Opossum living under your deck or shed? Contact D&D Wildlife Control for prompt, effective & humane removal services.

rodent removal.png

Rats can be removed much quicker trapped alive inside your home. Homeowners should not use poison as an option. Contact the D&D Wildlife Control team if you hear rats or mice in your attic or walls. If you see a rat in your home we will respond fast.

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"I tried catching a rabbit but got a skunk instead! Immediately called up D&D. He picked up in about two rings. 2.5 hours later the skunk was gone. Inexpensive, clearly experienced and great guy/company. He also offers options and price ranges depending on what you want. If I catch another critter I can’t/won’t handle, I will most certainly call D&D again."

​- Richard Pierce

"I remember Don from my days as being a cop in Meriden. He was called for a lot of our animal Nuisances. After becoming disabled I had some squirrel problems in my attic. Don came out and set up traps and within a couple of days the squirrels where gone and I could finally sleep. The squirrels kept waking me in the night and triggering my PTSD when they were running around. It would scare me out of the little sleep that I could get. Not only was he professional but was fast at getting rid of the nuisances in my attic. Thanks to him I can finally get a half decent nights sleep again."

​- Donald Huston

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