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Bat Removal services in Meriden CT

(203) 235-1318

Are you looking for Meriden CT bat removal services for bats in the attic? If you’ve been hearing odd squeaking noises coming from the attic at night, there’s a pretty good chance that bats have moved in! D&D Wildlife Control is the leading residential and commercial nuisance animal removal company, operating since 1991 and specializing in bat control, humane removal and exclusion services. There can be serious health concerns associated with bat infestations. If you suspect that bats are living in your attic, contact D&D Wildlife Control today at (203) 235-1318 to speak with a professional. With almost 30 years experience, D&D Wildlife Control has the ability to remove all bat species from any location. 

Expert and Humane Meriden CT Bat Control Services

Several bat species, are protected under federal law. D&D Wildlife Control executes safe and humane methods to remediate all bat infestations. 

Bat Infestations

At times, bats may make their presence known by flying through a home, business or facility after dusk, however... bat infestations may not be very obvious to the eye. D&D Wildlife Control are experts in the field, we know where to look and exactly what to look for. Bats creatures of habit, they will return to a specific location every night. Bat droppings will be most noticeable on window sills and in attics.

Bats In The Attic

Any type of squeaking noises coming from a wall, ceiling or even a chimney could be an indication that bats have moved into your residence or commercial property. Bats are nocturnal, they can be a nuisance especially during the late hours while you are sleeping. Don’t worry. Bats do their share for the environment, they actually consume their weight in mosquitoes and many other insects during the night.  Mold producing guano (bat feces) often will contaminate insulation. Mold spores are proven to cause lung infections and other respiratory diseases. Most importantly, bat have been known to carry rabies. If you reside in Meriden CT and require bat removal services, leave it to the professionals at D&D Wildlife Control. 

Bat Entry Points

  • Open doors and windows

  • Edges of dormer soffits, roof edges, and eaves

  • Damaged window screens

  • Missing mortar or bricks, uncapped chimney flues, and damaged crowns

  • Unprotected attic vents

  • Ridge vents along the peak of the roof.

  • Gaps, holes, and cracks along roof edges, trim boards, eaves, and soffits.

  • Gaps along the edges of shutters

  • Damaged siding

D&D Wildlife Control on location

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